[SOLVED] Issues with ride cymbal

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[SOLVED] Issues with ride cymbal

Postby GORT » May 2nd, '17, 20:04

Hi all! Just finished my Nava construction, now I'm down to troubleshooting. All of my instruments appear to be okay, with the exception of the ride. Here's a video of my oscilloscope, with sound: https://vimeo.com/215723693. In it, I play and measure osc output of three different instruments, in the following order:

* Crash
* Hat
* Ride

The scope is set to 10us, so the wavelength of the crash and hat are ~30us, whereas the ride is more like 20us. You can also hear the sound of the ride is less than ideal - sounds like a massive clip noise, followed by a poorly-enveloped ride.

I feel like it might be a busted IC. Troubleshooting done so far:

* all op-amps tested off-circuit
* IC orientation checked
* soldering work checked
* checked for shorts (on component legs, etc)
* swapped out M5218s and A798s with known working ones

Steps still to do:
* measure all components
* cold solder joints (I think this is unlikely)

Has anyone here got any intuition on what might be happening here? Troubleshooting ideas? Thank you!

edit: this is now fixed - somehow got a resistor mixed up (R439). It was 220, where as it should have been 470k
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