Handclap - Ghost Trigger & Only Noise

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Handclap - Ghost Trigger & Only Noise

Postby udenjoe » Mar 28th, '17, 19:35

Version 1.01l board

The Handclap (HCL) will trigger without setting any triggers in the sequencer. Setting a trigger will add a trig. Removing a trigger will not remove triggering of the HCL.

The sound of the HCL is only noise so it seems that the oscillators are not working on the circuit. I tried replacing the BA6110 including bending the 3rd leg which doesn't solve the problem. The circuit sounds the same with or without a BA6110.

I don't know if the triggering and the voice sound are related.

Video evidence: https://goo.gl/photos/Hp94TKeLaq9mk6Xw8

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