Alternative (lite) mux_sh board

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Alternative (lite) mux_sh board

Postby ym2612 » Mar 24th, '20, 01:18

Hi folks,

I always had a hard time getting the official mux_sh boards to work correctly. I tried two sets of the original PCBs and always got erratic accent behavior. I tried making a 100% clone of the PCBs, and I got the same behavior. Now, I have created a clone of the mux_sh board with the unused S&H circuits (and opamps) omitted, and so far the results are promising, as my boards from Oshpark worked immediately, better than the originals ever did. It seems the original boards might have some strange/unpredictable behavior, either due to their density or my shoddy soldering skills.

Github project:
Oshpark project:

Please let me know if you try this out, especially if you find problems with it.
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