Chin shia knobs

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Chin shia knobs

Postby serum114 » Nov 21st, '18, 16:35

Is anyone considering another run of knobs, or has some for sale? If not we could use this as a show of interest and I may consider this along with some that are suited for the Extra9 mod.

Anyone who has experience ordering with Chin Shia that could offer some information regarding the type, colour and shaft type would be appreciated.

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Re: Chin shia knobs

Postby jf333 » Jan 13th, '19, 02:19

Second this, i am looking for a set too.

got a set. no longer need a set for myself
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Re: Chin shia knobs

Postby Nigel99 » Jan 20th, '19, 02:45

Count me in too.
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Re: Chin shia knobs

Postby duster » Jan 21st, '19, 21:49

And me please
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Re: Chin shia knobs

Postby WilHelm* » Feb 8th, '19, 15:02

Interested too!
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