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Midilickuino Reset PB

PostPosted: Jan 12th, '16, 09:18
by Philippe
J'utilise un carte Midilickuino avec une Arduino MEGA, un afficheur et un Roland JP-08 connecté sur les ports Midi IN & Midi OUT.
Lors de la mise sous tension ou d'un reset de la carte Arduino, si le switch PROG / MIDI de la Midilickuino est sur la position MIDI, le programme ne démarre pas. Il faut allumer la carte puis basculer le switch de PROG vers MIDI pour que cela fonctionne.
Existe t'il une solution ?

I use a Midilickuino with a Arduino MEGA, a LCD display and a Roland JP-08 connected on ports Midi Midi IN & OUT.
When power or reset the Arduino board, if the Midilickuino switch PROG / MIDI is on the MIDI position, the program does not start.
We must turn the switch to the position PROG to MIDI after reset for this to work.
Is there a solution?
Best regards.

Re: Midilickuino Reset PB

PostPosted: Dec 30th, '16, 04:03
by richardlawson1489
I have tried to find out some solution but didn't come to any conclusion. Please reply if you found any solution.

Re: Midilickuino Reset PB

PostPosted: Dec 31st, '16, 08:58
by Philippe
I changed the connections of the Midilickuino to the Arduino Mega to use the serial2 port for the midi.