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Maracas volume

PostPosted: Sep 18th, '17, 14:20
by sebiiksbcs
Hi all, I can't seem to find the right resistor(s) to reduce the maracas volume, it's just too loud relative to the clap on my Yocto v1. Or, since MA and CP share part of the circuit, is it even possible to reduce only MA volume?

(From the schematics my guess was increasing R377 (100k) but it had no effect on MA, just on a part of the CP)

Re: Maracas volume

PostPosted: Sep 19th, '17, 00:49
by helectromagneticus
You're better off reducing the value of R340. Start with 10k and see what happens.

I wonder why your MA is so much louder than your HC to begin with. Perhaps something else is wrong...

Re: Maracas volume

PostPosted: Sep 19th, '17, 02:11
by sebiiksbcs
Thank you, I'll try that!

It's probably just my perceived volume. I use the Yocto live a lot so I'm simply fine tuning the volumes a bit so there are no big volume adjustments necessary when switching CP and MA.

I did the same adjustment to the claves: when switching between RS and CL the CL just seemed overpowered in the mix compared to the RS.

FWIW, I did do the reverb on/off mod and bandpass frequency mod on the CP so maybe is quieter than it should be now. Anyway thanks again!