Introducing: Cocteau, mod PCB for your YOCTO

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  • Sign-up list for Cocteau kit is here (Google form):
    (Link added in original post.)

    If you've signed up for a kit in another forum go ahead and fill out the google form.

    I'll add a link to Kacper's sign-up list for the enclosures sometime soon.
  • Sign up for Kacper's Cocteau Enclosure (1st batch) here:
  • Link to sign up for YOCTO V1 kit here:

  • Any dates for release? I paid for my case today :-)
  • albertswift wrote:Any dates for release? I paid for my case today :-)
    PayPal invoices (price of kit + shipping & handling) go out in the next couple of days. The Cocteau list will close the same day as the YOCTO V1 list, May 1st, so anyone that wants one will have to order by Monday evening (US, PDT). Then I will place the order for PCBs and parts, which should arrive within 6-8 weeks.

    I've been working with Kacper to finalize the design of the back panel, front face and bottom of enclosure (not the front panel, which will stay the same) to give people the option of future modifications, especially the Autonomik Circuits CV expansion kit, which will be available later this year AND and an expansion slot for the forthcoming Drum Module Generator (DMG), which will add an additional drum voice to YOCTO in the form of swappable cartridges. Note: both the CV expansion and DMG will be compatible with YOCTO V1 (+ Cocteau), YOCTO V2 and NAVA.

    Watch this thread for more information.
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  • Thanks for the reply, i filled the online form in but i didn't get any confirmation, hopefully it all worked ok.
  • Future-Proof your Cocteau & YOCTO V2 enclosures!

    Later this year, there will be available two additional modification kits from Autonomik Circuits: Remora and Vactrol-8. Both kits will require additional holes on the back panel and/or front face and bottom of the enclosure, so Kacper will be presenting options for those who want either of these forthcoming kits. Some people were bummed that they needed a new enclosure for Cocteau. Having taken that into consideration, these kits are being announced now, so that those interested will have an enclosure ready for these mods when they are available for purchase.

    Remora (formerly “Drum Module Generator” [DMG]) is an expansion module with cartridge slot that installs in an expansion port on the back of the drum machine where you can plug in separately-sold analog drum voice circuits in the form of swappable Gameboy DMG cartridges. These cartridges are surface-mount versions of popular analog drum circuits (808, 909, 606, etc.).

    Remora's list of features includes:

    - Gameboy cartridge slot
    - Volume level pot
    - 4 pots for sculpting the sound (for example, 808 BD: Tone, Decay, Tune)
    - Mono 3.5 mm jack for Audio Out
    - internally connects to Trig Out, Accent and Audio Mix of drum machine
    - Onboard options for 909 & 606 noise circuits and digital chip noise circuits (Delptronics, Electric Druid, etc.)
    - Compatible with Cocteau, YOCTO, and NAVA



    Currently, there are functioning prototypes of 9 different Remora drum cartridges, with more under development. They will ship as individual, ready-to-use cartridges and possibly as DIY kits (for those comfortable with SMD soldering).

    Remora, which ships with its own panel, slides into the drum machine's back panel expansion port.

    Situations when another drum voice might be useful:

    - You're sequencing your NAVA and want to add in an 808 Rimshot
    - You're laying down some YOCTO beats and need two BDs tuned apart with different decays
    - (My favorite) You've tweaked your Cocteau CP to sound like a "snap", but still need a Handclap sound, so you insert a CP-8 cartridge to have both.

    *** If you are interested in purchasing Remora later, please choose Kacper's enclosure option with the expansion port. The enclosure will ship with a blanking panel over the expansion port, which can be unscrewed to install Remora.


    Vactrol-8 kit

    The second kit adds 8 or 16 CV inputs in the form of vactrol circuits. These vactrol circuits are similar those found in various commercially available drum modules, where a CV signal received is output as a variable resistance, adding CV control over pots and resistors of the user’s choice. The Vactrol-8 kit puts modular CV control into a tabletop drum machine format, i.e., Cocteau, YOCTO, or NAVA.

    There are three parts to the kit:
    1) Two Vactrol PCBs that mount on the floor the enclosure, 8 vactrol circuits per PCB.
    2) CV Input jacks (3.5 mm, mono) on the back panel, connected to the Vactrol PCB
    3) Front face Switch PCB with SPDT slide switches that connect or bypass the individual vactrol circuits. This Switch PCB connects to the Vactrol PCB via a shielded 16-conductor ribbon cable.



    Selected pots (chosen by the user) are wired in series with individual vactrol circuits on the Vactrol PCB. In the case of Cocteau, the wires that connect the Cocteau PCB to the YOCTO main PCB need only passed through the Vactrol PCB via MTA connectors (i.e., no additional number of wires needed).


    Changes needed in the enclosure for Vactrol-8:

    - 12 holes on the bottom of the enclosure to mount two Vactrol PCBs (6 holes per PCB)
    - 32 holes on the bottom to access the trimmers on the Vactrol PCBs (the trimmers that set the offset and scale) (16 holes per PCB)
    - 16 holes on the back panel for the CV Input jacks
    - 16 holes on the front face of the enclosure for the slide switches (plus 7 mounting holes)

    *** If you are interested in purchasing a Vactrol-8 kit later, please choose Kacper's enclosure option with the extra CV holes.

    --Additional back panel holes--

    There are additional back panel holes for:

    - RS/CL-2 & MA-2 Audio Out (Cocteau only)
    - Trig 3 Out (Cocteau only)
    - Accent Out
    - White Noise (WN) IN (input audio signal that replaces WN)
    - HT & CH individual Audio Out (YOCTO V2 only)
    - extra holes for jacks for user-defined mods
  • @effegee, the Cocteau mods are absolutely stunning and sound great!

    Rooting to get a Yocto 2 (and not checking the boards frequently), of course (and as always) I missed both deadlines for a Cocteau board and the last batch of Yocto 1. :|

    So can you share a bit about the future of the cocteau mods (what with the Mod Pads for additional Pots on Yocto 2)? -

    Do you plan on upgrading Cocteau for Yocto 2 at some point? Would you at some point be willing to share Cocteau circuit diagrams so some of the mods can be added to Yocto 2 by those willing to Mod? :shock:

    Obviously there's a lot of work in Cocteau - Would be absolutely awesome if some of it could live on in Yocto 2! :D
  • @effegee/@kacper


    I'm very interested by the Cocteau kit + enclosure + Vectrol.
    Does a 2nd batch will be organized for cocteau & kasper's enclosure ?
    When the Vectrol mod will be available ?

    Thanks for answer - Kind regards