Yoctov1.0 Firmware Update.

Discuss use it and firmware update
  • Great! Thanks for the update.
    I'll flash my atmeg asap to try this out!
  • Hi,

    after uploading 1.0b i have issues with the accent/trigger behaviour mainly with the rimshot and the cowbell. They are very soft/quiet. I first thought that it is a hardware problem so I posted in the hardware section first.

    After reuploading the old firmware everything worked fine again. Accent as usual...perfect.

    Do other users of 1.0b have the same behaviour?

  • Hi there,

    I'm not sure whether I've managed to get the latest firmware loaded on my Yocto (I'm new to this :oops: ).

    I can't seem to get solo mode going, which suggests to me I haven't managed to load the latest software.

    I get two kicks in "Init EEp" mode, with the reset button pushed.

    When I try to upgrade the device using sysex, what feedback should I expect from the device?
  • Hi guys,

    I uploaded the new firmware and everything is working right, no strange behaviour of the accent, trigs are now V-trig and the solo function works well too.
    Stu-urns, you have to hold 1,3 and 5 while turning the yocto on, it should be ready to receive sysex now.
    When uploading the new firmware, the 8 first steps shows the progression of the upload (in binary i think), when the 8 steps are lit, it's finished.
    Hope you'll succeed in upgrading your yocto!

    And thanks vincent for the new firmware version!
    My next request is to have the hability to sequence trigs with midi in expander mode, that would be so great!
  • Hey BastienL,

    Thanks for your advice.

    When I try and send the sysex only one LED on the yocto lights up - so I guess it isn't upgrading properly.

    I'm using a cheap USB2.0-MIDI cable, which probably isn't the best. Tried with both Sysex Librarian on Mac OSX and MIDI-OX on Windows 8. I mucked around with the speed settings, but still it's not upgrading.

    I'll re-try tomorrow with my friend's good quality MIDI interface.
  • Great! Finally! 8-) 8-) 8-)
  • Quick update - re-tried updating my Yocto with a decent midi interface (Roland UM-2) and it worked first time. Used Sysex Librarian on a Mac.

    Let that be a lesson to all the other n00bs - the cheap USB - MIDI cables don't work for sysex transfers!
  • I used SysEx Librarian on a Mac sending over Focusrite USB interface. I needed to slow transmission speed down to 25% (setting is in the preferences tab for SysEx Librarian) in order for the Yocto to read the dump. Even then it took several tries to get the dump to work. The first time I thought I had successfully upgraded the firmware I was getting my rimshot triggering at about 10% the volume it was previous to the dump. I think it is working fine now... I did another dump and the rim sounds much better. V-trig is working too!

    On an unrelated note, is there an easy way to dim the LEDs on the Yocto? Is there a resistor change or are they being controlled in software? The LEDs feel like they are burning holes in my eyes at the current brightness!
  • will you please release the sources of that last version?