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Mouser non programmed chips

PostPosted: Mar 31st, '15, 03:39
by mike204
Hi, could you please give me a little heads up on how to go about installing the firmware on the 40 pin chip and eeprom. All my builds from parts with you worked fine but having problems with the mouser chips with the partial kit. I did the hold buttons 1,3,5 when i turn it on to go into midi recieve mode but they don't flash twice like manual says all 16 steps come on full. Also I tried installing the two chips from a build i did and recieved from you but in pattern edit mode i just get the first light on and no steps will turn on or off.

Re: Mouser non programmed chips

PostPosted: Apr 6th, '15, 05:57
by e-licktronic
Dear mike204,

Have a look here.

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