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Marvin Gaye!!

PostPosted: Jan 30th, '14, 22:35
by effegee
Bank 1, Pattern 1, Marvin Gaye's iconic 808 groove "Sexual Healing". Nice touch, e-lick! I'll have to check the others to see if I recognize any other famous beats. Everything sounds so good! Thank you, Vincent, et al.!!

Re: Marvin Gaye!!

PostPosted: Jan 31st, '14, 15:51
by e-licktronic
Nice work ;)

Best regards,

Re: Marvin Gaye!!

PostPosted: Nov 10th, '14, 23:38
by EchoBoy
I expected the Yocto to be blank after initialization. So the first pattern I programmed immediately after init was Sexual Healing.
After a new reinitialization I was quite surprised to hear it again!

I initially thought there was an issue in the "init EEPROM" function of my Yocto. Now that makes sense! And that's great!

PS: I have not paid much attention to the other preprogrammed patterns but now I am curious to identify them.