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Re: Yocto build script

PostPosted: Oct 6th, '17, 02:07
by sebiiksbcs
In the end I was making simple changes to test if the firmware responds, e.g. changing the init BPM

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  //initialise les parametre du sequenceur
  bpm=480;//BPM reel = bpm/4

Later I was even even commenting out lines of the code which should have rendered certain functions useless but no changes.

With three Sysex transfer programs (Midi-OX, C6, TK's MIOS Studio), two MIDI interfaces, and many possible delay and buffer values, I have no results so far.

Or does an older Arduino IDE have to be installed for it to support the ATmega1284P properly, like described on the maniacbug page? This is probably set up correctly within Docker to begin with, isn't it?