Unoffical Firmware Available

Discuss use it and firmware update
  • rv0 wrote:zero progress, sorry.. I'll be the first to announce it here.
    Ok - we'll wait for a great announcement whenever possible! :-)
    If you need some beta-testers, I guess there could be some (just ask - I could spare some time as well).

  • Hi all!
    Has there been any update on the "rotate" function?
  • I'm in the same camp as others here that have the originally provided firmware and can't seem to update it.

    What I know so far:
    - Position of the pattern switch is irrelevant.
    - Swapping multiple Computers, cables, and Interfaces didn't solve the issue.
    - In INIT and pressing the reset key, I get the two quick bd hits. Pretty sure that is v2.0 the original project OS (confusing numbering IMO)
    - Sync works properly still from my MPC2kXL
    - attempting to update on Edit, slower speeds seem to hold the unit but not show progress (Even at 25% transmit speed)
    - attempting at faster speeds just time out mid transmit and the unti goes to patter switch function
    - no indication of lights shown from Pui's video linked here:

    Since it boots, I'm thinking that its not a lack of boot-loader. Maybe not a good version of it. Would attempting to load via a ICSP cable and the hex file be the better next step?
  • hey folks,
    sorry if this has already been asked but can yocto transfer midi notes into the daw with its sequencer?
    i think ive got one of the last updates (2021) but it doesnt seem to work :(
    would really appreciate if someone could point me in the direction,

    many thanks
  • Hi all.
    I'm back using my studio now and I wonder if there's been any progress here. I see the latest firmware version is 1.2c - how may I check on my Yocto if I got this already installed?