Project status

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Project status

Postby FlavioB » May 30th, '20, 17:00

Hi all.
It's been quite some time that I did check the forums here, so I wanted to ask what the actual status is regarding firmware development and also bug fixing.

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Re: Project status

Postby rv0 » May 31st, '20, 09:01

Which bugs?
Better use the official "unofficial firmware" thread to report them.

See Unoffical Firmware Available

Last posts are mine talking about my rewrite I'm working on. I was stuck back then, but not any more. Still work in progress though, sometimes I have to choose between using the Yocto in the studio or spending evenings coding with it in the office.. The choice is usually simple, as the current firmware works "good enough" to make it one of the most inspiring drum machines in my studio :ugeek:
Get the latest unofficial Yocto V1 firmware here.
Be sure to check the revised manual.
Leave your comments in this thread.
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Re: Project status

Postby FlavioB » May 31st, '20, 09:53

Thanks for your feedback... I'll look the other thread over, I might find one or the other feature I'm still missing :-)
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Re: Project status

Postby jackbailey » Jul 14th, '21, 03:58

Thanks!! was looking for it too
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