Voltage for some sound sections too low

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Voltage for some sound sections too low

Postby Luque » Jul 24th, '16, 22:20

Finished the build. Everything works fine but for some sounds I don't get enough voltage. Which may explain the low volume on these sounds. I can solder proper and it all looks good but for now I don't know where to look further to solve this. I checked all the topics regarding to voltage but couldn't find it. Who can help me out where to look???

This is what I measured:
Snaredrum 14.10 and -14.25
Rimshot 13.63 and -13.77
Handclap 14.62!! and -14.11
Cowbell 13.70 and -13.85
Closet HH 14.42 and -14.57

Noise section U24: 14.18 and -14.31
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