Yocto Metal Box EU - Group Buy

Discuss Yocto construction and related issues
  • Today i made order in metal manufacture so second batch is closed now. I think about third batch when second will be done.
  • any news for the second batch?
    when are ready to the shipment?
  • as i said - production time is around 6-7 weeks...
  • This is so great, cheers for your efforts!
  • Just to confirm any changes with standoff's etc from the main mouser list for this project and metal cases?
  • Parts like power switch and IEC socket are included in price so don't worry about it! Cheers!
  • My box showed up this morning -I'm in NYC, and shipping took the full 7 weeks that Kacper said it would, but it made it here safe and sound. Looks great! I have a question: are there instructions for wiring the power switch, or any extra components to do so? My shipping box had been opened and there was nothing in there apart from the actual case.
  • My yocto thank you kacperpawluk

    [resize=800]http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?l ... _id=292972[/resize]

    [resize=800]http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?l ... _id=292971[/resize]
  • I'm still waiting for it to arrive .... I can not wait