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  • Hi guys.. Our man has been quite rightly unavailable for answers because of the xmas holidays, i just got this reply as i guess all of the people who got in the enclosure list:

    Metal work will be finnaly done at monday. I was today in manufacture and all enclosures are cutted and half of them waiting for bending. Everything going so slow because guys from manufacture made 2 more prototypes before final production to make sure that everything will be OK. I’m doing what I can to make it faster, belive me.
    Some of you guys are really impatient and writing me emails every week. Sometimes I really don’t have time to answer but please don’t be angry about that. Enclosures will be ready as soon as it possible and I will write update when i will carry enclosures to painting manufacture.

    things are looking up!
    :D :D
  • Of course it's not a secret what i write for everyone :)
  • Hi and welcome back!
    Thanks for your update!
    Hope to get that case soon!
  • Of course it's not a secret what i write for everyone :)
    I m not sure because i never received this mail :roll:
  • If someone didn't recive this email please check spam folder. If there is still nothing write me an email. Cheers!
  • I haven't any spam, i think you are forget me for the second time , i just hope you don't forget to send me the case ;)
  • So there's something wrong because for sure i send you an email... I don't forget abut send you the package :) Don't worry! Cheers!
  • hello:) mozna zamówić jeszcze obudowe ?pozdrawiam
  • That was a long holiday :-) No offense to you of any accusations from me. Good that you inform everyone! Let's get it on!