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  • please write me an email
  • kacperpawluk wrote:please write me an email
    Done :D thanks kacperpawluk

    Everyone who wants an enclosure on the 2nd run please email kacperpawluk ASAP so we can get the order happening and start playing! :D :D :D
  • hofmann25 wrote:***Also what is the best modification for the IEC style power Supply?

    What IEC power supply is everyone using for these beautiful metal enclosures?

    :D :D :D
    As far as the power supply goes: basically it needs a transformer inside it, something like this :

    http://www.altronics.com.au/p/m4915b-po ... ansformer/
    or this :
    http://www.altronics.com.au/p/m4615-pow ... ansformer/

    My only real concern is making sure that there is enough space to fit one into the enclosure under the main board (which will sit about 20mm lower than the enclosures upper face, allowing a bit for components). There is also a significant amount of space which is taken up by the I/O board. If we can get accurate measurement of the enclosure we could do a mock up, but first hand experience from someone who has already done it would be better. :D :D :D

    Also on the power supply : I'm fairly sure that the transformer is the only thing needed, I've been poking around looking for any potential issues with EMI radiation that could screw with audio, but no one seems to be talking about it as a concern, so fingers crossed it's a non issue. Toroidal transformers as I've linked to are designed for low noise applications so I'm hopefully just over thinking it. Also the ones I've linked to would work, but are significantly (2 to 4 times) more powerful than is necessary.

    Can anyone that has fitted an IEC style power supply to this box help? :) :) :)
  • Hi, i can tell you that in this box there is room enough to place a toroidal transformer of 3 Ampere. This transformer is well over the needed power, but was unused in a drawer. Apparently no EMI issue...
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  • Hi guys.
    MANY THANKS TO KACPER for this excellent piece of hardware. I got it yesterday and put my "naked" Yocto in it - great!
    I'll eventually post some pictures asap...

    One little note: I noticed that the start/stop button and also button "4" do somehow remain "stuck" when pressed. It might as well be that it only happens on mine, so any feedback is wellcome. I presume this depends on how they've been placed when mounted/soldered (maybe they got half a millimeter lower than the others).

    Again: KACPER's box is the way to go!
  • Hi FlavioB, i have the same issue with the "shift" switch, but only the second time that i've remounted the PCB, because i've forgotten to remove the nuts from the step selectors. :P

  • Yess.. Enclosure arrived the day before yesterday here in Venice, It.
    Popped the boards inside.. Using 5mm spacers. Piece of cake.
    Cheers Pawluk
    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =3&theater
  • hej! nice idea. please count me in for the second batch.

  • Hi,

    I also would like to get a metal box in the second batch. Please contact me about the details. Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards