tom playing 16th problem

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tom playing 16th problem

Postby misa » Aug 17th, '15, 20:54

last Saturday at a gig, Yocto started to play the MT on 16th through, even though I hadn't programmed anything, and the lights on the part were all off.

It's the same problem I had at first when I assembled the machine (cf. this thread: ... 212&p=1086)

So naturally I was going to pull the Yocto apart to check the integrity of Q56 and Q57 as advised by Vincent today.

But when I turned it on again, everything worked as it should.

What is this? What could be causing this problem during the gig? unstable power? I had trig 1 and 2 connected to my modular, any way this could have influenced it?

it's a bit unsettling, nothing is worse than a randomly unstable machine in a live situation...!

so any help, hints, pointers, questions very welcomed!
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