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Finished yocto

PostPosted: May 2nd, '15, 01:00
by Ciarany
hi I finished my yocto just thought I'd share some of the issues I encountered on the way

The burning the boot loader post is not Mac friendly , you must show contents to find the hardware folder

You may need to install a driver for the ARDNUINO board on a Mac

When I flashed the ATMEGA my yocto wouldn't go into sysex recieve mode , just all step lights lit holding down 1,3,5 did nothing , turned out I hadn't soldered in two of the sequencer chips

Had no cowbell or cymbal , the jumper cables between the main board and output board had broke connection

High hats were barely audible I had 470 ohm where 470k resistors should be and vice versa

Snare sounded tubby and clap wasn't right .... Bad op amp in the noise section