Internal power supply and PSU mod

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Re: Internal power supply and PSU mod

Postby hofmann25 » Jun 21st, '17, 21:17

Altitude wrote:Have you actually measured the noise on a scope? I have and it was nosier. Same results as LulaNord

Why would any of us actually want to? Are we making music here are just making stuff for the shelves?
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Re: Internal power supply and PSU mod

Postby antto » Jun 22nd, '17, 16:44

when you push the gain up to distort the 808 (some people like to do that, me included) - this hum gets amplified too.. it's not fun
i'm with the blue box-shaped transformer.. when the box is closed - i get hum, otherwise i get buzz/hum with the so called "loop breaker"
as i've said in another thread, i was planning to move the internal transformer out of the box, and feed the smoothed-out bipolar supply voltages into the yocto via a cable, and keep the transformer in a small box, away from it
but that project is paused
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Re: Internal power supply and PSU mod

Postby cso5 » Aug 6th, '17, 02:41

hofmann25 wrote:Nice, did you attach the Ground Loop Breaker?

Sorry for the late reply, Yes I attached the ground loop breaker and it works great.
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