Problem when assembling HandClap - R379 burning- SOLVED

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Problem when assembling HandClap - R379 burning- SOLVED

Postby Gyuunduh » Jun 14th, '14, 23:36

Everything has been fine and voltages correct when I've been assembling my Yocto, but now I've met my first problem when soldering the handclap together:

I've soldered the resistors, trimmer, diodes, capacitators, and transistors. When I connect the power for testing the voltages as shown on the assembly instructions, after a little while I see smoke coming from R379 and it changing color and turning very hot :? Apparently it is burning. I disconnected the power as soon as I noticed this. I tried to test the voltages from the base of U22 again fast, but get no voltages. Everything should be soldered right with no short-circuits, but I'm pretty sure that something is wrong somewhere. Where should I look?

Edit: There was a short somewhere. I moved the resistors a bit, didn't even desolder anything and now everything seems to work again.
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