Waiting for ... (parts question)

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Waiting for ... (parts question)

Postby emwhite » Feb 9th, '18, 23:50

While I wait for a v1.0 kit to come available on the resale market (I am now the proud owner of a case), does anybody have a parts list for all of the buttons/switches/knobs? Were there any eagle files to have the PCBs made?

I see others posted here but if anybody has a kit that they want to sell, I'm not even looking for a good price, I'll pay a bad price. :) Thank you.
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Re: Waiting for ... (parts question)

Postby unclewoody » Feb 10th, '18, 03:15

The BOM is available on this forum although I don't think knobs are included...

The Eagle files for the main board are available although it isn't routed. But there is a second I/O board which I don't recall seeing Eagle files for. I think this is to keep people from just getting these manufactured ;)
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Re: Waiting for ... (parts question)

Postby emwhite » Feb 10th, '18, 05:16

I said knobs but I meant, pots, etc. all of the parts which were included in the original kits but not not he Mouser BOMs. Does anybody have a link to the Eagle file for the main board? Got start somewhere.

And thank you!
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Re: Waiting for ... (parts question)

Postby helectromagneticus » Feb 12th, '18, 04:58

If you email Vincent, he may provide the potentiometer part numbers. If he does not, this will be a tricky one since the v1.0 kit is not in stock...

The Eagle BRD file of the mainboard without component routing is available at this page:
http://www.e-licktronic.com/en/content/ ... one-tr-808
You could use the measure command in Eagle and select a potentiometer based on lead spacing, mounting hole locations, etc. Complete Eagle files are not available.
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