Futur e-licktronic Drum Machine ???

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Futur e-licktronic Drum Machine ???

Postby e-licktronic » Dec 31st, '17, 15:34

What's next in 2018 ???
After the Yocto and the Nava, we are thinking to design a 16 voices analog drum machine based on vintage drum machines sound: Korg Mini pop 120, Korg KPR-77, Roland CR-8000, TR-606, CR-78, Boss DR-55, DR-110, Yamaha MR-10 and more...
WE NEED YOUR HELP to choose 16 drums between all those machines sound. What's your favourite BassDrum, Snaredrum, Hihat, Clap... then we will realize the rhythm machine depending your choice ;)

Reply to this sheet: https://goo.gl/forms/d1sTPrYUOEVFU71B2

Thank you for your help ;)
Happy new years from e-licktronic team ;)
Best regards,
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Re: Futur e-licktronic Drum Machine ???

Postby gihaume » Jan 1st, '18, 20:32


I bloody love the 606 snare but it has a lot of character.

16 drums... it would be worth putting multiple bass drums and snares.

I would only buy if the voices get moded so they have some parameters, but in this case I would buy instantly !
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Re: Futur e-licktronic Drum Machine ???

Postby Croodey » Jan 21st, '18, 20:14

Cr-78 please <3
Or Cr-8000
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Re: Futur e-licktronic Drum Machine ???

Postby conor » Jan 23rd, '18, 14:10

Simmons Clap Trap!
606 hats

If you can design and elektron-style sequencer with individual control of pitch/decay/tone etc per step that would be amazing...
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Re: Futur e-licktronic Drum Machine ???

Postby Masuto » Mar 14th, '18, 03:46

Ahahah! I had the ClapTrap.. bought it for 30£ in 1998 at Musicexchange in Notting Hill Gate, sold it in 2007 for 400+ euros. Most overrated one trick pony ever. Na.. forget it.
Also, dinsync.info is almost dropping the RE606 on us.
I would like to be able to build a classic machine like the cr78.
My favourite analog drum (if we except the Yocto) is the FR1. Very woody percussions, nice kick and crunchy snare. But it would take a lot to build, and about 3000 caps!
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