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Mode Switch positions & tempo

PostPosted: Nov 20th, '17, 13:17
by Oortone

Just finished building Yocto v1 and seems to be a logic problem.
To begin searching I need to understand the correspondence between Switch position and functions for the mode switch. I find no documentation regarding this.

So which funcion corresponds to Logic 0 (Switch position 1) on the encoder?

Also, any advice on where to start searching for this tempo-anomality is appreciated:
- Tempo is extremely low.
- Turning the encoder changes tempo ever so slightly, almost unnoticeable.

Re: Mode Switch positions & tempo

PostPosted: Nov 20th, '17, 14:14
by Oortone
I figured it out myself:
Logic 0 equals "Pttm" (and on instrument selector "AC").

By finding this out I could initialize EEprom and tempo seems fine.
Seems like my Yocto is fully funcional by the first attempt!

Now I'll have to read the manual.