Accent section voltages

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Accent section voltages

Postby MicMicMan » Nov 19th, '17, 22:58

Hi there,
I started building my v1 (4th batch I believe) only recently. I finished half of the voices. So far the build is rather long and slow but everything is fine.

[long story short (sort of)]
So I was a bit impatient the other day, and I wanted to see if I could get some sounds out of my first finished parts before I would proceed and finish all the modules. I plugged in the AC cord, some probe at the output of some sound module, and I tried to apply +5v to the trigger inputs of my finished modules... Yes, that was a rather stupid move.
Well you all know how it's going to end: somehow my +5v probe touched something it shouldn't have, and the circuit started smelling like something was fried. Not a strong smell but just enough to know that something is possibly fried. I didn't see any smoke and no component looks compromised... but I want to find if there's any failure, and locate it before I go further and solder the CPU. Anyway, I suppose that if something is wrong with the accent section, I'm never going to get any sound nevertheless.

My first suspect is the 4011 chip, as I know that it's the most fragile part I've soldered so far. Then the transistors. Then the 4558s. But first, the 4011 (IC6).

I'd like to check if it is behaving as expected "at rest". So it would be very useful for me if someone could provide the voltages "at rest": the 808 is powered on, but no sequence is launched, all measures in DC mode relative to ground.

Mine gives those values:
Pin 14: 14.4v
Pin 10: 14.4v
Pin 11: 0v

Thanks in advance.
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