(SOLD UK/EU): Yocto ‘ElSchtroumpf' metal case

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(SOLD UK/EU): Yocto ‘ElSchtroumpf' metal case

Postby momo » Nov 13th, '17, 16:44

This has now sold - thanks for your interest.

Hi all. I have a metal Yocto case from one of the first ever batches made. I placed the order in December 2014 and took delivery in February 2015. The case has been securely stored in a heated room ever since and is in first class condition.

This case group buy was organised by forum member ‘ElSchtroumpf’. This is for the V.1 Yocto kit, not the more recent V2 which is not compatible with this case! I’m selling due to my plans changing. These are lovely cases with really nice silkscreening. The more recently made ones by Kacper look about the same but the silk screening was not this good, I think.

Here is what I paid for it along with the details from the original purchase:
- A black metal enclosure in 2 pieces - bottom and top - with a fully silk screened face plate : 90€
- A C14 socket with fuse holder if you've ordered one : 2,25€
- An acrylic blanking plate with holes, engraved with the e-licktronic logo : 1€
- A 2 pole snap-in switch, with white I/O label, rated at 250V, if you ordered one : 1,15€
- 4 rubber feet + 4 black M4 screws + 4 M4 lock nuts per enclosure : 3,40€ per set
- 4 black M3 screws + 4 black M3 washers - these will be used to mount the two halves of the enclosure together for shipping : 0,15€ per set

So all in all about €98 which is about £87. I’ll accept £70 + shipping, is that fair? Let me know if you’re interested. Pics are of the actual case and then of my Yocto in one of these cases, just for your reference.






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Re: (FS UK/EU): Yocto ‘ElSchtroumpf' metal case

Postby MicMicMan » Nov 19th, '17, 21:01

Well, I'd be interested, but it seems that i cannot send a MP. I'm not active enough on this board..

You can contact me by sending an email to my username @ gmail dot com

i'm located in France
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