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IC sockets

Postby jaidee » Jan 2nd, '14, 17:57

I note that the only ICs for which sockets are provided are the Microcontroller and Eeprom in the sequencer section.

I generally socket all ICS. Is there any reason not to do so in the Yocto project (I appreciate that I will have to supply the sockets)?
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Re: IC sockets

Postby e-licktronic » Jan 2nd, '14, 18:51

Dear Jaidee,

We provide ICs sockets for µC and EEPROM because if you want to use a µC with your own code it will be easier.
And EEPROM because his life is 1000000 of read and write cycles. One day you need to replace it.
There is no reason to add socket to other ICs but you still can do it.

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Best regards,
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