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NC (Instrument Select)

PostPosted: Sep 1st, '17, 20:37
by serum114
Im really struggling working out what NC is. Im yet to build my kit and the manual is pretty light weight. Anyone care to share?

Re: NC (Instrument Select)

PostPosted: Sep 2nd, '17, 12:01
by BastienL
NC means Not Connected it means this position isn't associated with anything, like on the Pattern Switch, there's 2 NC positions that are unused positions.

Re: NC (Instrument Select)

PostPosted: Sep 2nd, '17, 13:54
by serum114
Thanks Bastian.

Ive been meaning to message you regarding your dealings with chin shia. I'm wanting to get the similar knobs for my yocoto as the nava ones youve been selling. Im after a darker colour with white and red markers. I haven't managed to find quite the correct ones yet and think i will either have to modify slightly myself or ask if they will produce a differant spec for me. What was the product number for the nava type you sell and did they produce them especially for you? They also are not the darkest colour plastic, correct?