Noise problem on the last batch

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Re: Noise problem on the last batch

Postby tekno808 » Apr 5th, '18, 13:50

BastienL wrote:Hi guys,

I got the same issue yesterday with a Yocto a guy brought me, there's was no "snare strainer" (no pink noise) and the clap was pretty low in volume. So i tried to calibrate the noise but cannot get anything good, so I did the mod suggested on page 15 of the service manual ( ... vc-man.pdf) and it's also mentionned on Masuto's website ... ding-tips/.

To resume
- R129 is replaced with a jumper,
- R131 (originally 300K) is replaced with 100K,
- R127 (originally 4.7K) is replaced with a 10uF polarized cap (Masuto show the correct orientation, negative side on the right side of R127, going to the ground)
- add a 22pF cap in parrallel with R130

After the mod, I was able to dial 130mV from the noise section, hope it solves your tuning issues!

It's weird cause on the first yocto I built (from the first batch), I didn't had to do any mod for the noise section.

Thank you, this is working for me too :-)


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