About triggering each instrument via eurorack gate/trig

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About triggering each instrument via eurorack gate/trig

Postby kluber » Apr 5th, '17, 17:05

Hey folks,

I've noticed that there is some latency slaving the yocto in midi via the arturia beatstep pro.
But first here my set up:
beatstep pro master sendnig midi to the Yocto
beatstep pro sending gates to my different drums modules in eurorack format.
Since there is latency via midi I can't use both (yocto and eurorack modules)

:idea: :idea: :idea: So my idea is to trig independently each instruments of the yocto via the gate of the beatstep pro without using the built sequencer of the Yocto.
I've read the forum and found a thread about triggering instruments during the build of the yocto. I don't own an arduino but still i've tested it and it's kind of working but not that much. I believe it's not the proper way to do it (in a music production).

Is there a good way to make this mod happens? I mean is it doable? The goal would be to mount gate inputs on the Yotco case. ;)

If it's not doable at least a clock in? would be awesome
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