Open High Hat- intermittent fault, no decay and short crunch

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  • This sounds like a bad connection to me. It's not fun, but I think you'll have to go over the circuit very carefully checking for cold solder joints, cracks, etc. Good luck! I hope you fix it! This type of problem is frustrating I know, but nearly impossible to debug over the internet...
  • There is a problem with Yocto V1 that causes the open High Hat to have no decay while rotating the knob. Instead, there is a crunchy, corrupt blast of sound, and the attack sounds perfectly normal. Sometimes the problem corrects itself, but then it starts happening again later. I have already given it to a technician, and he is unable to replicate the issue (although it is currently working again). However, I am concerned that if the issue is not fixed, it will reappear after I receive it back. Do you have any idea what the issue could be—perhaps a bad connection or something that is starting to deteriorate?

    drift hunters
  • I'm having a similar problem, I think you should check the circuit very carefully for cold solder joints, cracks. It seems annoying. Hope to fix it with you soon.
    eggy car