Sound is low and some voice not working

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Sound is low and some voice not working

Postby PooLP » May 23rd, '20, 08:00


I have a Yocto that I just finished (with a big break of 3 years :)).

I have some problem with it.

On first power up and start seq immediately, on ~first Step the voices have a good volume, after, all voices volume is decreased

Bassdrum, Snare, Rimshot, claves, and handclap do not work (bassdrum ans snare have very low volume)

If i turn clockwise accent Knob, all voices volume decreased

I'm search, but is to hard to find, i have a doubt on BA6110, but I don't think this is the source of all problems.

Here are the pictures, if you see a few things :

I can't find anything yet.

if there is someone who knows how to repair this machine and who could do it, PM me ;)

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