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  • Arduino libraries:
                   -SRIO Library to use with Dilicktal
                   -PotMUX Library to use with Lickogic
  • Arduino application:
  • Useful software:
                   -MidiOX   Software to monitor the MIDI events
                   -MidiYOKE  Software to create virtual MIDI ports (Windows only)
                   -Arduino software   Software for programming Arduino or other similar platforms
                   -Hairless serial MIDI software to convert serial to MIDI
  • Datasheet and schematic:
                   -Schematic Dilicktal   Schematic of Dilicktal board
                   -Schematic Lickogic Schematic of Lickogic board
                   -Schematic Midilickuino Schematic of Midilickuino board
                   -Datasheet HEF4520
                   -Datasheet 74HC595
                   -Datasheet MC4021
                   -Datasheet ALPS 12mm tact switch
                   -Datasheet Panasonic 9mm pot
                   -Datasheet HEF4051
                   -Datasheet LCD 1602A
                   -Dimension switch Cap


Technical links: