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tr909 clone Nava

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TR909 clone Nava

Let's start with the power supply section. First, let’s populate the board with diodes.
Diodes are polarized, the white ring  must match the symbol silkscreened on the PCB. Do not mix D101 (1N5819) with others diodes !

nava TR 909 clone psu diode

Add the four 100nF ceramic capacitors.

nava tr 909 clone psu caps

Now add the electrolytic capacitors and the inductor L1. Electrolytics capacitors are polarized, the long leg of the capacitors is the positive. Pay attention to orientation in which you solder electrolytics capacitors. First, bend 2200uF capacitors legs.

nava tr 909 clone electrolytic cap bend

nava tr 909 clone elec caps

Now bend regulators legs as follow:

nava tr 909 clone reg bend pin

nava tr 909 clone 7815 7915 bend pins

Add the regulators on the IO board. Pay attention to the orientation ! and do not mix 7815 with 7915 they are different.

nava tr 909 clone reg on board

Now add 2.1mm barrel connector and short J9 power switch connector with a component leg.

nava tr 909 clone power connector

Now you need to prepare a five pins cable. First you need to crimp five wires. If you never do that before have a look on Youtube or Google there are lots of tutorial on "How to crimp a wire".
You got two different type of crimp in the Mouser Bom, use the biggest one for the power supply.

 nava tr 909 clone crimp cable

Solder the five wires respecting the order of connecting and add the both heat sink, then you are ready to test your power supply.

nava tr 909 clone psu complete

Plug your 15VAC 1000mA wall wart transformer to the IO board. Connect your multimeter in DC mode between ground and each output: you should measure +15v, -15v (more or less 0.5v) and +5V.

nava tr 909 clone test +15v

nava tr 909 clone test -15v

nava tr 909 clone test +5V

Finally, add J5, the 5 pins 3.96mm pitch connector on the Mainboard. Then you finished the power supply. Let's go to the Noise section

nava tr 909 clone main board psu connector