Lickogic tutorial :

In this tutorial we will see how to control computer music software (Ableton, Traktor, Reason ...)
with Midilickuino and Lickogic

You need :
-1x Midilickuino
-1x Arduino
-From 1x to 6x  Lickogic board
-Arduino software (version 1.0 or newer)
-the sketch Lickogic_Midi v1.0
-1x USB cable
-1x MIDI cable
-1x computer music software (Ableton Live Demo for the tutorial)

1-Start by connecting Midilickuino with Arduino and Arduino to your computer

2-Connect Lickogic board to Midilickuino BOARD connector


3-Select using the jumper on the back of the board on which analog input
Lickogic board is connected.
Warning, if you use multiple Lickogic, they must all have a different input
otherwise they will conflict.
Place the jumper in the order of Lickogic board connection to avoid conflicts.
jumper to 0 for the first, jumper to 1 for the second, jumper 2 to the third ...


4-Connect Midilickuino MIDI OUT to your MIDI interface MIDI IN
(if you do not have a MIDI interface, another tutorial shows how to communicate directly via
  Arduino USB port: USB Lickogic tutorial)

5-Open the sketch Lickogic_Midi v1.0 within the Arduino software (this sketch is given as
an example, it can be improved, edit and optimize)



6-In the sketch set how many Lickogic board are connected in series.



7-You can choose the MIDI channel, ControlChange number for all potentiometers
Then save your own application by renaming.



8-Set Midlickuino switch S2 to position "PROG"


9-Start the upload by clicking on the arrow in the top left



10-Then run your copmputer music software (Ableton Live for tutorial) and go in the MIDI Preferences
  to choose the MIDI IN port on which you have connected the Midilickuino MIDI OUT port.



11-Press the MIDI button at the top right to assign potentiometers to Ableton
(mode of affection varies the software, you learn the manual
your software)


12-Click on the fader audio track 1 and move a Lickogic board potentiometer
The value of CC is displayed (here 1/22) Channel 1 Control Change 22
Disable the affection MIDI and you can now control Audio 01 volume with Lickogic potentiometer
Have fun !