Tutorial Midilickuino :

The purpose of this tutorial is to play MIDI notes from Arduino to your synth or MIDI device.

For this tutorial you need:
-1 x Arduino
-Arduino software (version 1.0 or newer)
-1 x Midilickuino
-1 x USB cable
        -1 x MIDI cable
-1 x device compatible with standard MIDI (here X0xb0x)

1-Start by connecting Midilickuino with Arduino and Arduino to your computer

Arduino midi shield controller DIY e-licktronic


2-Connect Midilickuino MIDI OUT to your synthesizer or MIDI expander MIDI IN

Arduino midi shield controller DIY e-licktronic


3-Open the Arduino software, go to File> Examples> Communication> MIDI and open the sketch

4-Set Midlickuino switch S2 to position "PROG"

Arduino midi shield controller DIY e-licktronic


5-Start the upload by clicking on the arrow in the top left


6-Put your synthesizer MIDI channel 1, you should hear him play the notes F # 0
to F # 5 in sequence.


7-Now you can if you want change the MIDI channel in the "NoteOn" function in
changing the value 0x90.
This value is an 8-bit hexadecimal number that corresponds to the type of message and
MIDI channel. (see MIDI protocol)

We will decompose to convert it into the binary
        0x90 = B10010000 (use the Windows calculator to convert).
The first 4 bits indicate the type of message:
       1001 = Note ON
The last 4 bits correspond to the MIDI channel (which we are interested):
       0000 = Channel 1
If you want to select another channel:
      0001 = Channel 2
      0010 = Channel 3
      0011 = Channel 4

  For example, select the message NoteOn on channel 9:
                   B10011000 = 0x98

Back in the sketch and replace all values 0x90 by 0x98

Then it returns to step 4, but don't forget to put the synthetizer on channel 9 (or whatever
  you have chosen)

Here you enter the world of Arduino and MIDI communication.