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Midilickuino is a MIDI shield for Arduino (not included) that allows you to communicate with your MIDI syntheziser, sampler, sound module using MIDI protocol.

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Midilickuino is a MIDI shield for Arduino that lets you build your own MIDI application  (MIDI controller, sequencer, MIDI monitor ...).  Two dedicated HE16 connectors allow you to connect up to 64 LEDs, 64 buttons (with  Dilicktal board) and 48 potentiometers (with  Lickogic board) and a LCD (with LCDBoard) to make your applications easier to use. I2C connector also allows you to add other components (EEPROM, converter ...)

The board is equipped with a Binary counter(CD4520). The first three bits A, B, C are connected to the input of the CD4051 Lickogic board. (see schematic)


  • Two connectors MIDI IN and OUT
  • Two HE16 connectors allow you to connect various "Board" compatible
            BOARD connector allows you to connect up to 6 x Lickogic board and 8 x Dilicktal board.
            LCD connector allows you to connect LCDBoard
            A connector dedicated to communication I2C protocol extends the possibilities of your applications (add digital to analog converter to control vintage synthesizers, add an EEPROM ...) compatible with the library wire.library.
  • Two switches are used to configure your Midilickuino
            S2 can switch from "programming" mode to "MIDI"
            S1 enables the I2C out (Warning: if you put the S1 position I2C you will not have more than 4 analog inputs on the Arduino instead of six (see wire.library).
  • A reset button


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